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30th-Dec-2012 06:00 pm(no subject)
Shida Mirai's Mobile blog

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27th-Oct-2010 01:40 pm - Shopping
  Title: Shopping
Author: manamichiichan  
Pairing: Yamada x Yuri(OC)
Genre: romance
Rating: PG
Summary: Shopping with Yamada

I hear birds chirping outside my window. I guess its morning already...
I open my eyes and place my hand in front of my eyes. It's too bright to see. I rose up from my bed and changed my pajamas to my casual clothes. I went to my mirror and brushed my hair. I smiled to my mirror. Okay...

I walk down the stairs and saw Ryutaro at the corridor. "Ohayou, Mori-chan"
Ryutaro raised his head up. "Oh! Ohayou, chibi"
"I'm not chibi!" I filled my mouth with air and stared at him.
Ryutaro placed his hand on my head and patted. "You need to grow up, young one" He left and went to the dining room.
I looked at his back and got so irritated. "I'm already grown up!" He raised his hand without looking back at me.

I followed Ryutaro to the dining room. Everyone is seated on the table except for me. I sat on the only vacant seat on the table. I looked at the person beside me and he caught me looking at him.
"Ohayou, Chinen" He smiled at me. Always cute...
I spaced-out a little.
"O-O-Ohayou, Yama-chan!" I felt nervous and I didn't smile at him back. I turned to my empty plate in front of me.
Yamada got my plate and put some rice and food. He placed my plate in front of me. "Hai...chanto tabetene"
I looked at him and said with the awkward smile. "A-Arigatou, Yama-chan"
He placed his hand on my head and patted it. "Douitashimashite"

When we finally finished our meal, Yaotome gave out a paper to me with full of writings. It's probably a list. "Here, it's your turn to buy these stuffs. Be careful for stalkers out there, okay chinen?"
"Eh? Why me? Aren't I next week?" I looked at the notice board at the wall. It is me...next week
"Sorry, Yuto seems to be sick today and I want you to go shopping this week instead of next week" He replied.
"Oh, but he seems to be fine. Is he really sick?"
"Slight fever."
"Oh, fine. I'll go" I took the paper from his hand and scan all the things to buy. They're too many and I don't think I can carry all of them...God, help me....

I went back to my room and got my pouch in the cabinet. I peek to my mirror and fixed my hair for the last time. Ready...
I went down the stairs and saw Ryutaro again.
"Itterasshai, chibi" Ryutaro waved his hand
"Ittekimasu, kaibutsu!" and I set off to go shopping.

I looked at the list of the things to buy. I picked out the kikkoman soy sauce, then the tofu, then the furikake, then ......
I finally finished getting all the stuffs, and to think of it, they are filled with two baskets. After I finished paying to the counter, I went to the long table and placed the stuffs to the plastic. While I was busy putting the stuffs to the plastic, someone was helping me doing the same thing I'm doing.
"Ah, Yama-chan! Why did you come here?" surprised that he came here.
"I thought that you might not be able to carry all of these, so I came to help"
I accidentally dropped the tissue box that I'm holding. I bent down but Yamada bent down ahead of me. He raised his head and his body a little. I froze for a moment and I realized that his lips are sticked to mine. Yamada backed off a little and turned his head to his side....blushing

I know it was just an accident...but my heart can't stop beating hard and fast.


A/N: It's been a long time to be back in LJ. I was so busy with school work especially this week, since it's our periodical exams. I just hope you like my fanfic I made. Thank you for reading <3 Comments are love^^

Chanto Tabetene - Eat it properly, okay
Douitashimashite - You're welcome
Ohayou - Good Morning
Chibi - small
Kaibutsu - monster
1st-Oct-2010 07:59 pm - Confession
 Title: Chapter 1:The Confession
Author: manamichiichan 
Pairing: Yamachii~but for now YamaShi
Genre: Romance
Rate: PG-13
Summary: Yamada had fallen in love with this beautiful actress named Shida Mirai. He had crushing on her for 2 years but, he couldn't resist anymore so its his time to confess. How would Chinen be reacting to this?

Yamada is on his way to the school.

"Ohayou!" Mirai greeted her friends just across him. Yamada turned his head and saw her talking with her friends. Yamada wants to greet her but he doesnt have enough courage.
Mirai and her friends are now ahead of Yamada. Yamada watched her talking with her friends. Why did I fallen in love with you?

Mirai felt something weird and noticed that someone is watching her. She turned her head around and saw Yamada.

"Chotto matte ne" She told her friends and went back to talk to Yamada. "Ohayo, Yamada!"

Yamada was surprised that Mirai came near him.
"O-Ohayo, Shida" Yamada got nervous suddenly that he lost his words.
"Genki? How's the concert yesterday?"
"Genki da yo! The concert is never be awesome without me" Both of them laughed and chatted until the they reached the classroom.

"Mata ne, Yamada" Shida waved him bye and went near the door
Mirai turned back and asked "Hm? Nani?"
"If you have time later in dismissal time, can we meet in the roof top?"

This time has come finally...

Yamada's nervousness has risen up. Be cool..be cool..

"Uhh...Okay, Let's meet later, Jya" She waved him bye again and went to her classroom.

Yamada sighed and brushed his hair with his hand. He went to his classroom and saw Chinen sitting on his desk. He sat next to him and smiled at him.

"Ohayo, Chinen"

"Ohayo, Yama-chan! Can I ask you something?"

"Hm? Nani?"

"Are you going to confess to Mirai-san?" Yamada turned red and felt the warmness in his face. "I knew it! Ganbatte ne, Yama-chan!"

"How...how did you know about this?" Yamada couldn't believe that Chinen found out so fast. I asked her out just a moment ago.

"I know everything, Yama-chan. I saw you with her a while ago just outside the classroom. You guys are going to meet each other later in the..."

Yamada placed his finger in Chinen's lips.

"Shi...It might spread you know! Keep it a secret for me, okay?" Chinen giggled at him and removed Yamada's finger away from him.

"Hai, wakarimashita!" Chinen smiled at him.

Yama-chan is going to conffess to Mirai-san? I can't believe it...I can't believe that Yama-chan still likes her. Why? why not me?

Lunch break

Yamada's nerves are getting higher and higher every minute when he thinks about conffessing to Mirai.

"Yama-chan!" Chinen sat in front of his desk and placed the bento on the desk.

"I made it for you!"

Yamada felt so hungry when he saw the bento that Chinen made him.

"Uwaah! Arigatou, Chinen!" Yamada uncovered the bento and there was a cute decorated design on top of his rice. Yamada laughed

"Kawaii! you made this for me?"

"Of course! I do anything for you, Yama-chan" Chinen filled with joy when Yamada's face became so eager to eat.

Yamada clapped his hands together and said "Itadakimasu"

He started eating the octupus shaped sausage

"Oishii yo, Chinen! I didn't know you could cook something this good"

"What are you saying? I'm best at it when It's for you" He watched Yamada eating his bento that he prepared since last night.

"Ne Yama-chan, there's something that it's bothering me" Chinen watched him eating
"Tell me"
"What if...what if you got rejected by her?"
Yamada stopped eating and thought of it for a minute.


"Will you stop liking her?"
Yamada looked down at his desk.
"I think so..."
Chinen stared at him
"Gomen, Yama-chan. I didn't mean to turn you down." Yamada raised his head quickly

"Eh? No no no.. I'm fine" He smiled at him "No need to worry" Yamada went back to eat the bento again. "Chinen, Kore meccha umai wa!"
Chinen smiled so happily at him. "Arigato"...you made my day

Dismissal time

Yamada waited for Mirai in the roof top. He never felt this nervous like this before. Maybe because it's the first time?
He heard the door opened behind him and saw Mirai coming near him.

"Yamada, what are we going to talk about?" she stood next to him

"I have...I have something important to say" Yamada's pressure has risen up

"What is it?"

"I have never felt this before, and I want you to know how I feel towards you. Honestly, I had a crush on you since the day we first met 2 years ago...dakara.."

Yamada took a deep breath and finally said. "Anata ga suki desu"

Mirai stared at him after he finally conffessed

"Arigatou, Yamada" She has lost her words.."I...I don't know what to say.."

Yamada looked at her in the eyes "Do you...like me too?"

Mirai hesitated and looked away from his eyes. There was a pause. Yamada knew the answer to this and looked away from her too.

"You don't have to say i..."

"I like you too, Yama-chan" Yamada was shock from what he just heard. What? she..she likes me too?

"You..you like me too?" Yamada placed his hands on top of her shoulder

"Un!" She said with a smile but Yamada noticed that she hesitated it for a while. He slowly dropped his hands and placed them in his

"Do you...want to date with me?"

"Sure, when do you want?"

"Hmm...When are you available?"

"How about Saturday 1pm in the Wentz Cafe?"

" Okay, I'll mail you tonight" Yamada smiled as if it would last forever

"Okay, my friends are waiting outside the gate..so, I'll see you around, Yamada!" Shida waved him goodbye and closed the door behind her.


YES!!! I can't believe she just accepted my feelings...but...but howcome she hesitated for a moment??
Well, nevermind! I like her and she likes me back...PERIOD


A/N:  This story should suppose to be all about Yamada and Chinen, but in this chapter I guess It's about Yamada and Mirai ><;
I thank tingke2104 for inspiring me to write fanfic(^0^)/...
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